Music school in canada
Music school in canada

Discover the best Music Schools in Canada. The study of musical performance, composition, and theory is a disciplinary course of study that can be challenging yet equally rewarding. 

By pursuing higher education in the study of music, students enhance their skills in communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and learning the different ways to exercise their creative muscles. 


Canada is rich in the diversity of music schools. From universities to conservatories, the country is not short of musical talent, global knowledge, and music degrees that suit all types of interests. 

The difference between a university and a conservatory is its diverse academic courses and classroom sizes. 

While universities offer a more comprehensive range of extracurricular activities and student life outside the classrooms, conservatories are more suited for students looking to spend more time honing in on a specialized focus and craft.

A music degree is not only for musicians but for anyone who enjoys analyzing and studying the craft. 

Here are the list of the best music schools in Canada.

Best Music Schools in Canada

1. Humber College Faculty of Media and Creative Arts (Toronto, ON)

The Humber College Faculty of Media and Creative Arts provides global opportunities, an abundance of resources, and hands-on work experience for students pursuing a degree in music. As of 2005, the school offers two bachelor’s programs, one in music and the other in contemporary music. 

The College is working toward transforming its Lakeshow Campus into the Humber Cultural Hub. The Hub aims to provide and nurture the next generation of artists by cultivating a new economy for underserviced local communities. 

Famous alumni include the talented Canadian jazz musician Alysha Brillinger and multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and audio engineer, Greg Wells.

Wells has a list of famous works, including The Greatest Showman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, and has even worked with music legends like Celine Dion and Elton John. 

2. Queen’s School of Music (Kingston, ON)

The Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University embraces the many disciplines of learning professional performing arts. 

The school prides itself in cohesively combining technical production, administration, scholarship, and performance as one rather than separately, making them unique compared to other schools. 

Students who choose to pursue an undergraduate degree in music, music theater, and music education will learn the core components of theory, musicology, musicianship, and applied studies. Those who pursue a master’s program will expand their knowledge in leadership and arts management. 

The University has many faculty members who are experts in the industry. Faculty members include internationally acclaimed mentors, including Dr. Adrienne Shannon, a pianist who has performed as a soloist, chamber music, and duo pianist who has done broadcast recordings for BBC, PBS, RAE Italy, and many others. 

3.University of Western Ontario Don Wright Faculty of Music (London, ON)

The Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario is the home to three departments – Music Performance Studies, Music Research and Composition, and Music Education. 

The school has a network of 6,000 alumni worldwide who have pursued unique career paths in law, theater, and television.

As alumni, there are endless opportunities to participate in various outreach programs, progressive music symposiums, music festivals, and competitions by accessing the university’s network. 

The school is not shy of national recognition, with three out of five winners from the Met Opera Laffont Competition being current students and graduates from the school. 

4. University of British Columbia School of Music (Vancouver, BC)

University of British Columbia’s School of Music offers undergraduate, post-graduate, and non-degree training in music performance, composition, education, and scholarship. 

Undergraduate students have the option to get a bachelor’s in music or pursue a dual degree in Music and Education that takes five years to complete. 

Through the various degree programs, UBC alumni have paved successful career paths ranging from musicians to teachers. 

Award-winning cellist and Indigenous activist, Cris Derksen, and winner of the 2020 iSing! Young Artist’s International Composition Competition, Roydon Tse, are part of the notable alumni roster list. 

5. University of Toronto Faculty of Music (Toronto, ON)

The Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto has a network of about 7,500 alumni who have performed on worldwide stages. 

The school is one of seven other professional faculties and provides its music students with a versatile learning experience and concentrations. 

Degrees range from one-year advanced certificates in performance, four-year bachelors in music degrees and graduate-level music performance and composition programs. Classes are held in the Edward Johnson Building, south of the Royal Ontario Museum. 

Toronto is a cultural hub with lively concerts, lectures, and workshops where students can meet with established vocalists and instrumentalists in the industry.

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