computer business centre in Nigeria
computer business centre in Nigeria

computer business centre in Nigeria. With the way the economy in the country is changing, one needs to have a side hustle to balance daily needs and help solve financial problems. In this article, we will cover things to buy and things not to buy when starting a computer business centre in Nigeria. Moreover, those who work in any organization can still make use of a computer business centre in Nigeria as a side hustle.

However, there is a great way one can make legit money in the business without total depending only on white-collar jobs which may not even come, or may come but seems stressful with little or no pay.


Furthermore, in other to break into the world of entrepreneurs, starting a computer business is another valuable option that will generate or make cool money in the process. But this process requires patience, consistency and availability of resources to meet customers’ needs. You don’t want customers to come for a photocopy of documents and you tell them to come another time because you don’t have a machine or paper. And by going so, it is a sign of business failure.

A computer business centre in Nigeria can serve lots of purposes and is very open to helping individuals in society and at large. The business is open to offer several services which include; typing of documents, photocopying, the printing of documents and project work (most importantly for University students), the printing of letters, spiral binding, laminating of paper materials, scanning of documents, instant passport, internet service, computer training, installation of systems and lot more. This process only works for those who wish to have a computer business and a café.

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As an entrepreneur, there is other stuff that can go alongside a computer business centre which includes; sales and repair of computers, sales of examination scratch cards such as NECO, WAEC, and probably sales of recharge card for some customer who wishes to purchase from a different place. Come to think of this, how cool will it be when a customer tells you he/she really enjoys your profession and mindset of business? It will be beautiful, right? Yeah, I guess so too.

A compute business centre in Nigeria is literally a money-making venture here in Nigeria. With determination and hard work, your own venture might be the only business centre that is unbeatable in your environment.

Moreover, if you choose the school environment, you can make thousands of naira on daily basis. Because the demand for computer business centre in that environment is highly required. If you have ever been to any tertiary institution in Nigeria, you will notice some small canopies with laptops and printers in them, positioned at different places around the school premises.

All they do is check students’ results, and type assignments; help them to pay school fees online, do project work, registration of course forms and exams card and other school needs.

You can actually go into this kind of business but not like those done in schools. The computer business centre in Nigeria you are about to pull out will be different from those seen on schools premises, you need to give your business a brand, make adverts if it seems possible and provides quality services which would make your customers recommend their friends and family to your business centre.

How to start a computer business centre in Nigeria

How to go about starting a computer business centre will be listed below.

Acquire all computer skills and certificates.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t have this skill. With the rate at which computer schools are all over the country, you can decide to start from the basics and become a professional that will be able to run your business successfully.

This process depends only on how fast you learn, you might be able to learn the required package within 6 months or a year hopefully.

Find a good location

Finding a location with less competition is another process, moreover, try to observe a place where are fewer computer business centres with lots of people. Mostly a marketplace, close to a church, schools and government organizations. Why so, you happen to start close to a church; churches that normally have programmes of different kinds will bring work for you. And this work might be a design, typing, photocopying of documents, letter to other churches, or wedding invitation card.  

When you decide to start in a school environment, in most government schools, you might be in charge of typing their examination paper, photocopying of examination paper, letters for PTA meetings at school, and letters for not paying school fees. Now imagine a school with about 50 plus for a class. And then imagine the whole school from Pre-nursery to senior class. You are going to make a huge sum of money.

When you still start your business close to a government organization, you can print their appointment letter, transfer letter, or maybe type their letter for them. And probably make a huge photocopy of government documents, laminating of official documents and many more.

Register your business name

This process is simple but complicated, you see not everybody wishes to register his or her business but the plain truth is that, once you want to start a business, it is advisable to register your business with cooperate affair commission (CAC) to avoid some embracement from tax officer, and business brand.

Other necessary equipment to start a computer business centre in Nigeria includes:

  • Have a laptop or desktop (but a good laptop is preferable for power supply)
  • Photocopy machine
  • Printer
  • Get a different paper size
  • Staplers and pins
  • A standby generator
  • Internet connection/service  
  • Chairs and table
  • Waste bin
  • Multiple extension socket

Get a helping hand

Normally, a computer business centre can be handled by one person. Since it is a service-oriented you will definitely need helping hands especially if your business centre is located in a busy province. Remember you don’t want to keep them waiting for more than it’s necessary.

Good practice for your business centre

  • Be patience
  • Have confidence
  • Be polite (welcome your customer with a smile)
  • Be punctual (have an opening hour and a close hour to let them know when you open and close)
  • Be honest in pricing
  • Pay your dues and tax
  • Pay your staff (if probably you have)


From the above statement so far, we have covered more on how to start a computer business centre in Nigeria, and w have listed some good things to keep in mind. Most importantly try to seek advice from some people who are professionals in the field to help guide you.


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