Top 6 United States Colleges with the Most International Students
Top 6 United States Colleges with the Most International Students

Top 6 United States Colleges with the Most International Students. Discover the compiled list of Top 6 US Colleges with the Most International Students, which might interest you to know.

International students who are accepted boost the experience of other students on campus by bringing diversity to a college or university. Furthermore, any school with a large and strong foreign presence offers a variety of cultural groups and activities that allow international students to share their food, music, and traditions with their American peers.

The benefits of having international pupils at a school are larger. However, if you’re looking for US colleges with a large number of international students, you’ve come to the right place. Then continue reading to find out which colleges in the United States have the most international students.


Top 6 United States Colleges with the Most International Students



The New York University (NYU), located in New York NY, is recorded to have over Nintheen Thousand (19,000) international learners hailing from more than 140 countries. The New York University made the list of top US colleges with the Most International Students.

Benefits of International Students at NYU

  • The New York University grants numerous resources to help international students transition smoothly into academic life in the U.S.
  • The assistance with successful immigration processes for its students is made available by the New York University (NYU) Office of Global Services.
  • Another great and interesting fact about the New York International University (NYU), is that the international student centre offers help in creating a meaningful connection that goes between all the international learners, with regular hosting of events throughout the whole year, for its international students, which also includes the International Education Week.


Columbia University located in New York, NY has enrolled over fifteen thousand (15,000) international students who have hailed from 150 countries and has also maintained a very good/strong reputation for serving international learners.

Benefits of International Students in Columbia Unversity

  • Columbia University has maintained a good reputation for successfully serving all international learners.
  • The Columbia University international learners can freely access an extensive catalog of student organizations, along with student support services.
  • Furthermore, the students can also join organizations like the South East Asian League, the Iranian Students Association, and the Hong Kong Students and Scholars Society as well.
  • Lastly, Columbia’s International Students & Scholars Office also serves the university’s expansive international population, including faculty and staff.


The second on our list of top 6 United States Colleges with the Most International Students, is Boston’s Northeastern University, which is located in Boston MA, and has recorded a total number of thirteen thousand (13,000) international students.

Benefits of International Students in Northeastern University.

  • Boston’s Northeastern University has provided a great opportunity for every International student to learn more about the American culture and also meet/mingle with new people through experiences like weekend trips.
  • Furthermore, Northeastern’s Office of Global Services has successfully provided great support services to all the international student community, which also includes assisting international learners with visa applications.


The University of California, Los Angeles, located in Los Angeles CA, has more than twelve thousand (12,000) international students and scholars as well.

Benefits of International Students at University of California

  • It has maintained 25 centres and also academic programs, which focused more on the topics like global studies, international development, and global health for over 60years.
  • The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), also helps in connecting new international learners with the International Student Ambassadors, who introduce them to the UCLA community.
  • The students can also attend the International Study Hall to complete assignments and also prepare for tests.
  • Lastly, the students can participate in quarterly day trips, and explore the different areas of Southern California freely.


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, located in Champaign-Urbana IL, is home to over ten thousand (10,000) international students.  

Benefits as an International Student at Illinois University

  • The International Students and Scholar Services of Illinois acts as an information hub for international learners, by making provision of immigration services, outreach and advocacy as well.
  • The current university’s international students can also receive assistance maintaining visas, gaining employment, and securing driver’s licenses.
  • The university’s International Student and Scholar Services act as an information hub for international learners, providing immigration services, advocacy, and outreach. Current students can receive assistance maintaining visas, gaining employment, and securing driver’s licenses.


Just like the University of Illinois, Arizona State University also serves more than ten thousand (10,000) international students, scholars, and faculty members. Arizona State University is located in Tempe, AZ.

Benefits of International Students in ASU

  • The school offers visa assistance to the International Students and Scholars Center, coupled with employment authorization, and other legal issues that are related to immigration status.
  • Workshops on practical topics like communication skills are also made available for International Students.
  • Lastly, Arizona State University provides accommodation for its international student organizations and an expansive network of international alumni.


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