Reaction as Nigerian University Students Crawling And Sneaking into Class
Reaction as Nigerian University Students Crawling And Sneaking into Class

A video has captured the funny moment some Nigerian university students were seen entering a lecture hall by crawling because they came late.

The video indicates that the students were late to class and the lecturer was already teaching, so they employed extra measures to get in.

As could be seen in the viral video, the lecturer was already in class teaching when the students arrived.

No nonsense lecturer? To gain access to the class, they had to explore extra measures since it appeared the lecturer was the no-nonsense type.


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The students were seen moving with their knees and hands from the back of the class to the front, behind wooden desks in the video shared on Instagram by @yabaleftonline.

A lot of funny reactions have trailed the video of the students crawling into class. Here are a few comments on the video:

@omo_elewaa said: “Imagine getting to the front…you now hear,..”he has counted us o.”

@flames_bmmempire reacted: “All these stress for class wey I no go understand anything?”

@rovercruise_ said: “I won’t just come to class once I know that it’s this kind of lecturer.”

@officialremisco commented: “Na Nigeria u go dy see this kind thing here turkey lecturers don’t care.”

@lindxy_ said: “No need, I majestically walk in even when I am late.”

@legatus_akims reacted: “Small small lecture hall go full. Even the lecturer will be shocked.”

@iqueenlatifat commented: “No o, if I am late, I will just stay in my house.

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