Zaaki Azzay
Zaaki Azzay

Veteran Nigerian musician, Zaaki Azzay has explained how he had to disguise during his return to the four walls of University to secure a degree in Political Science.

According to an exclusive chat with the Nation, the famous singer said he had to sacrifice so much just to graduate with a degree in political science from the National Open University of Nigeria.

“My experience in school was very funny, because of my fame, I always have to disguise in different ways to cover my face so I won’t be recognàised by my fellow students, its only the lecturers and invigilators during exams that recognised me and that is because you have to show your ID card before entering and also when you submit your exams papers after writing they will see my name and want to shout I will then quickly beg them not to shout,” he said.

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Continuing, Zaaki narrated the sacrifices he had to make to complete the degree course.

“It wasn’t easy at all combining school and my music career, a lot of sacrifices were made, my family, my music career, TV program all suffered a stroke lot of setback in the pursuit of my degree but now that I have graduated I will make up for all of it before I start my PHD.”

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