nde.gov.ng: Discover the different skills put together by NDE to enquip Nigerian youth. This is to inforn the geberal public that the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) is the foremost agency in charge of job creation in Nigeria for nde.gov.ng.

However, in this article, we will be listing the various scheme produce by the National Directorate of Employment to help promote job creation in the country. Below are different schemes that that Nigerians can benefit from. Keep reading!

nde.gov.ng Vocational Skills Development

Furthermore, the nde.gov.ng programme involves the use of NDE skills acquisition training centers across the country as well as informal sector operators such as master crafts-men and women as training outlets for unskilled school leavers.

Where the informal sector operators are use, the trainees are attached with them for periods long enough for the apprentices to acquire the necessary skills. The department also deploys well-equipped mobile workshops to train unemployed youths in rural areas where informal training outlets are non-existent. Below are the nde.gov.ng list of skills to be learned



TRAINING FOR THE VULNERABLE:This special vocational training is designed for unskilled and unemployed persons with special needs [i.e. vulnerable, physically challenged, widows, commercial sex workers, displaced persons, orphans etc] in order to empower them with functional skills that will enable them to become self-employed and self-reliant.Skills include:

  • shoe making [6 months]
  • bead stringing [3 months]
  • barbing [6 months]
  • GSM repairs [6 months]
  • fashion designing [ 1 year]
  • catering [1 year]
  • cosmetology [3 months]

Visit the offical website https://nde.gov.ng/ for more information on NDE Programme

How to Apply for NDE Programmes in Nigeria Application Form 2022 | nde.gov.ng

Interested applicants should click here to apply and scroll down to REGISTRATION

NOTE: applicants must have a valid passport and an educational background certificate and a valid email address



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