Nigerian Female Graduate Who Rides Keke Shares Her Story
Nigerian Female Graduate Who Rides Keke Shares Her Story

Nigerian Female Graduate Who Rides Keke Shares Her Story. A Nigerian female graduate identified who rides Keke in Delta state has said she studied something and ended up doing another different thing.

According to the lady named Amarachi Ihezie who is a graduate of sociology from the University of Calabar, she quited teaching to take up Keke job because she didn’t get a job that will pay her well.

Amarachi said she makes N5,000 daily but is ready to quit if she could find another job that pays her well

She took up Keke riding in 2021 when it became obvious to her that there are no good jobs other than teaching.


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She said when she graduated in 2015, she got a teaching job later in 2016 that paid her only N12,000.

According to her, she moved from school to school searching for higher pay. She finally gave up after getting one that paid her N40,000 but where she had no peace of mind.

She told Puch Newspaper:”It was the last one where I was paid N40,000. At that point, something came up. I had issues with my administrator. He said I was too bold because I asked him a question. Everybody kept saying I was too bold.” She said

“They didn’t even give me an opportunity to explain myself. I was always wrong at every point and every turn. I got home around 6pm and I cried so much. I simply concluded that I was going to resign. Immediately I got my February salary, I dropped my resignation letter and left.”

When she stopped teaching, Amarachi said she turned to keke riding and now, it has become her means of livelihood.

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