Nigerian lecturer Harassing Female Student
Nigerian lecturer Harassing Female Student

The report has it that at Enugu state university, a lecturer was caught on tape harassing and assaulting a female undergraduate for keeping long hair. The lecturer was seen threatening to cut the hair.

The incident reportedly happened at Godfrey Okoye University in Enugu state. She was captured on tape dragging the student’s hair while probably demanding that she cut it, but the young lady resisted and stood her ground. Some other women were seen pleading as the drama occurred but the lecturer who had a low cut decided to forcefully drag the student by her hair and took her away.

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Reaction was also captured


In reaction, callmedamy wrote; Welcome to Nigeria

nellynells__ wrote; Misplaced priority

marybakes_ph_lagos; Putting frustration and anger on students 🤦‍♀️

yooba_boi; This lecturer be doing too much while there own kids messing around. Stop all this. This is higher institution not a pro max secondary school.

maryjanetheplug; Na University abi Primary school

pwesshydance; Naso we gang up beat teacher that year them too over do

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