Best Middle School In the World
Best Middle School In the World

Are you looking for the Best Middle School In the World to take your kid? In today’s post, we will focus on middle school from grades 7 and grade 8. In terms of middle schools, we mean a school that includes those grades.

Because regions (states, districts, etc.) set their own standards, in some places grades 7 and 8 may be combined with the high school, while in others they may be found together with elementary grades. Another alternative has been to place 7th and 8th grades in a separate school by themselves or together with 6th grade (these are usually called “middle schools” or less frequently now “junior high schools”).

Furthermore, we will be discussing these top best middle schools below. keep reading!


What Is The Best Middle School In the World

Community Day Charter School


Community Day Charter was founded in 1995 and was one of the first charter schools in Massachusetts. It began with grades K–3 and added a grade every year thereafter until it had all grades K–8.

Teachers work together in teams to identify areas of weakness and formulate action plans for students who are not succeeding as well as they should. All students are given the opportunity to succeed with school support and the belief that all students are capable of meeting the demands of challenging standards.

An extended day and extended year is offered to students who wish to develop their skills or participate in extracurricular activities.

Awards and Rankings:

  • Highest-scoring school on the MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) tests
  • Commended by the state for high achievement and narrowing the proficiency gap
  • Recognized as a Title I Distinguished School by the Title I Distinguished School National Recognition Program
  • The first charter school renewed by the Massachusetts Board of Education for a second five-year term (2005–2010)
  • Recipient of the New Leaders for New Schools Silver-Gain EPIC (Effective Practice Incentive Community) Award for years 2008 through 2012

Stowe Middle School

Stowe Middle School is a school for grades 6–8. The program at Stowe is rigorous, but the school recognizes the importance of more than just academics. All students are required to perform four hours of community service and many perform more service than is required. Personalized classes are provided so that students can build relationships with other students, as well as staff and faculty.

An online free library is provided to all students in addition to the regular library, which has a website that assists students in finding books that they will enjoy and keeps them updated on what is new and what is popular. The school also prepares a newsletter that gives suggestions to parents on things they can do to help their children to be successful both socially and academically.

Each grade in middle school is separated into teams so that students on the same team share the same teachers. Likewise, teachers on a team share the same students. There is math, social studies, and science teacher for each team, and each teacher also teaches language arts across the curriculum.

Electives include life skills, band, choir, art, Technology Design Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences Education (FACS). A theatre group performs plays and musicals and the school hosts informative seminars on drug awareness and prevention tips for parents on subjects like Abduction and Harm.

Friday wellness classes allow students to participate in snowboarding, snowshoeing, skiing, swimming, and skating. Team sports include field hockey, soccer, track, and cross country skiing.

Awards and Rankings:

  • Ranked #4 among the top 50 schools in Vermont in 2011
  • Among the highest 7th and 8th grade math and reading scores in the state
  • Eighth graders outperformed other students in the state in math, reading, science, and writing

Minnesota Math and Science Academy

Grades 6–12 are taught at the Minnesota Math and Science Academy, a charter school offering an intensive program in math and science, as well as courses in the arts, humanities, and foreign languages.

Students are expected to pursue their studies diligently, and although the school is tuition-free, students do have to apply to be accepted and space is limited.

If there are more applications than openings, a lottery is held. Those not acquiring a place can be put on a waiting list. Students and parents are encouraged to volunteer at the school.

Extracurricular activities include Nordic skiing, Clay Target League (students must have a Firearms Safety Certificate), FIRST Robotics, and Lego Robotics, as well as other athletic, artistic, and academic activities.

Awards and Rankings:

  • Ranked #2 in the state by, based on math and reading scores
  • Highest ranking in the state on combined math, reading, and science assessments
  • Rated 10 (on scale of 10) by
  • Ranked #22 out of all Minnesota schools

Lincoln Akerman School

Grades K–8 are taught at Lincoln Akerman School, with an enrollment of 160 students in all grades 1 through 8.

All students attend art classes at least once a week and build an art portfolio which they take with them when they graduate from the 8th grade. All middle school students also take health classes in which they learn about nutrition, along with other age-appropriate topics, to build a foundation in health that will serve them throughout their lives.

Middle school physical education has an emphasis on fun and participation, with games such as speedball, pilo polo, spy ball, team handball, and other sports fundamental to physical development.

The guidance curriculum for grades 6–8 emphasizes life skills, dealing with bullying and harassment, respect, advocating for others as well as oneself, stress management, and conflict resolution, among other age-appropriate topics. The content is based on the SAU #21 Guidance/Life Skills Curriculum.

Awards and Rankings:

  • Ranked #2 in the state by
  • Highest scores (combined) for 8th grade (reading, writing, math) and 7th grade (reading and math) in the state
  • Rated 9 (on scale of 10) by
  • Rated 9 (on scale of 10) by



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