The Talented Microbiology Student Making 5-Star Clothes from what She Learnt on YouTube
The Talented Microbiology Student Making 5-Star Clothes from what She Learnt on YouTube

The Talented Microbiology Student Making 5-Star Clothes from what She Learnt on YouTube. A 22-year-old talented female student of Imo State University studying (IMSU), microbiology identified as Favour Ikechukwu makes 5-star attire from the comfort of her hostel in school after she learnt everything in YouTube.

The talented Nigerian undergraduate makes 5-star attires from the comfort of her hostel that she sells to her growing clientele to make ends meet, all thanks to knowledge she garnered from watching YouTube videos.

The 22-year-old undergraduate of Imo State University, Owerri told Victor Duru in an exclusive chat that she had always had a thing for fashion while growing up.

The microbiology student said the fascinating thing about fashion designing is that it is like one giving birth to new ideas.


According to her, she had sought to acquire a skill upon completion of her secondary school education and after working at various establishments and being underpaid.

Favour stated that she paid to be an apprentice under an experienced tailor but wasn’t given the value for her money or taught aright. One night and in a quest for knowledge, she visited YouTube.

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“After writing WAEC and working countless places for people as well as getting underpaid, I found out that I could learn something out of my free time.

“So, I paid to learn (under an experienced designer) but was unfortunately not taught well. One night, I went on YouTube and boom I started becoming perfect at what I do and also had the zeal to do more.”

The industrious lady premised how she combines studies with fashion designing on a saying she quoted as thus, ”when it’s time to study you study and when it’s time to play you play.”

The 5th child of a family of 6 explained that though it is not easy, she had to organize her time and priorities. And she has been doing it right from when she was preparing for JAMB exams.

In her words: “When I was studying to write Jamb, I had so many clothes to sew for a client…I read during the daytime and made dresses during the night time and I shuffled it that way – Sew during the day and read during the night.

“I just find a way to do both and not get too stressed about it.

“Even though sometimes it’s not easy.”

While stating that finance has been a major challenge on the job, she added that some customers bring designs way out of their budgets and feel being extorted when told the price their choice would cost.

Favour said she wants to open a fashion house in the future for male and female wear as well as get more skilled hands to work with her.

She also wants to save lives and better the poor situation of the country’s medical system which was responsible for the demise of her grandmother.

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