Ways to Save Money
Ways to Save Money

Simple ways to save money in college – There are many ways to save money, but in this post, we will talk you through these simple ways to save money in college.  

If you have ever wondered how to save money while schooling or how to make ends meet in college, then you are not alone. The increase in tuition costs and expenses living in college make it challenging for students to stay on a low budget despite the low spending.

I have come across a lady who buys a piggybank to save her money. But at first, I was wondering what she was going to do with it because as a student, I thought it will be difficult for one to save money in college, but this enthusiastic lady clear my doubt.

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The secret behind her huge saving is this, she spends her money wisely. That is to say, while she is in college, she mostly doesn’t have time for things that will cost her a huge amount of money. Most importantly, the little money she has with her, instead of spending it unnecessary, she will rather put it in her piggy bank saving. No matter the amount she is holding.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a “starving student” – there are plenty of great ways to save money in college. Team brotherbros have some ‘do’s and don’ts’ for smart spending in school and beyond. Read our best tips for saving money in college below.

Ways to Save Money in College

Draw up a student budget

These simple ways to save money in college might sound pretty boring, but trust me; I have used that technique before and it works perfectly for me.

This method will seriously analyze where your money is really spent. But drawing up a student budget is the best start you can make to saving money. You can go into as little or as much detail as you like but at a basic level, you want to find out where you are leaking cash.


YES! Piggybank, this method may sound odd but it is one of the best ways to save more money as a college student. The process will be determined by the things you budget to spend on and things you don’t budget for spending.

However, after drawing your student’s budget plan, the most important step is to make use of your piggybank to save money. This implies that whichever money you think is not useful, you can as well decide to put it in your piggy bank.

You don’t have to buy a textbook

Relax, let me explain, second-hand textbooks are much cheaper than buying a new textbook. One of the hidden costs of being a student is the number of textbooks you’re required to buy at the beginning of each semester.

Knowing fully while that new textbook is expensive, it is possible to buy second-hand textbooks and then resell them when you finished that session.

However, if you still feel you don’t want to buy second-hand textbooks, you can still borrow books from a fellow student or from the university library. If not, buy or rent used textbooks at Amazon.com.

You can also rent books from Chegg or Barnes & Noble’s textbook service or order digital textbooks through sites like iFlipd, which offer a pay-as-you-go model.

Make a meal at home

Although is it pretty difficult for some to make a meal at home and also tempting to stop by a fast-food restaurant or to order for pizza delivery, making your own meal at home is very good and will also help you to save money.

The foods that you prepare with your own two hands are less convenient but typically more affordable than the other alternatives. They may even be healthier and can provide you with more satisfaction than a $1 pizza from down the street.

Use your student ID

Those with a valid student ID can as well save money in college by simply using the student ID for a discount on anything they purchase.

Discounts are available on everything from clothing to laptop and notebook computers for those with a valid student ID. Many companies offer student discounts on things like activities, clothing, and food. Take advantage of the discount whenever possible and save the difference.

Don’t spend money on bottled water

We all know that drinking water is good but do not spend money on bottled water. Bottled water isn’t necessarily expensive, but drinking filtered water from the tap is significantly cheaper.

In fact, drinking three bottles of water a day can add up to $1,095 a year. That same amount of tap water would cost you less than a dollar per year.

Don’t buy books from the campus store

Buying books from the campus store feel convenient and secure but you likely be charged more for them because you don’t have to go off-campus.

Bottled water isn’t necessarily expensive, but drinking filtered water from the tap is significantly cheaper. In fact, drinking three bottles of water a day can add up to $1,095 a year. That same amount of tap water would cost you less than a dollar per year.

Moreover, this technique will help with the use of your student’s valid ID to purchase books online with a discount.

Get a Job

Getting a job to save for the long term is pretty amazing, but how do you do that? There will be job opportunities both on and off-campus during the school year. Landing a summer job is another option because you won’t have to balance class and work schedules. This is a great time to work long hours and save up for the upcoming semester,

Sell Items you no longer need

Another great way to save up in college is by selling some item that no longer has value. You can use the Facebook marketplace to advertise your stuff and things you wish to sell. Or better still you could also take your items to a local consignment store so you wouldn’t have to worry about advertising, but could still make some of the profit.

Thrifting for secondhand clothes is becoming more popular, so you may be surprised at how much money you could make from that name-brand dress you haven’t worn since freshman year.


Simple ways to save money in college is very easy when you follow these process listed above. Most importantly do not underestimate the power of piggybank and use your student valid ID for a discount on any purchase activities like a laptop, textbook, etc.

Furthermore, is it very important you make your meal at home to reduce expenses and better order for things that is much valuable and keep the remaining in your piggy bank.

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