Mayorkun Reveals his favorite S3x position
Mayorkun Reveals his favorite S3x position

Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel is a Nigerian Musician and songwriter popularly known as Mayorkun Reveals his favorite S3x position to his fans and followers.

During a question and answer session on his Snapchat page, a curious social media user was bold enough to ask the ‘holy father’ crooner for his favorite sex position and surprisingly he answered.

While other fans asked about his career, future collaborations and some simply seized the opportunity to declare their love for the singer, the audacious fan seek to know the singer’s favorite style.

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Mayorkun Reveals his favorite S3x position

Fan later asked mayorkun “What’s your favorite sex style?” and mayorkun replied them saying “Jackie Chan style”.


The 27-year-old singer averred that a person’s sexuality, either gay or straight, doesn’t matter as long as the person is a good person.

According to him, whether a person is gay, straight or whatever sexuality he identifies as, the person should just have a good personality.

He stated that people can discuss their sexuality with God because he is the judge of all.

Taking to Snapchat, Mayorkun wrote, “Straight, gay, whatever, just be a good person. You can discuss your sexuality with God.”


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