How to Apply for iHatch Startup Incubation Programme 2022 – Start your career with iHatch. This is an idea Hatch (iHatch) that is 5 month free intensive incubation programme organised by the National Center Artificial Intellegence and Robotics (NCAR in partnership Japan International Cooporation Agency). 

iHatch Startup Incubation Programme 2022

The programme is said to launch iHatch, a startup incubation programme. The incubation program will provide an excellent opportunity for startups who have innovative business plans with a prototype service/product.

Advanteg of iHatch Startup Incubation Programme 2022 


  • iHatch is a 5-month free intensive incubation program designed to help Nigerian entrepreneurs refine their business ideas through a series of coaching, lectures, and boot camps to generate scalable business models. 
  • Participating startups will receive free offline and online interactive training from experienced coaches and mentors from all over the world. Other benefits includes free co-working space and investment opportunities for the duration of the program. 

Who can apply for iHatch Startup Incubation programme 2022

  1. Participants must be at least 18 years old 
  2. Individuals or group that are willing to establish a legal company 
  3. Individuals or group with an innovative business plan that will promote the country 

How to Apply for iHatch Startup Incubation Programme 2022 

Interested applicants and qualified applicants should 


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