Children are a blessing and seeing your child smile always bring joy. Furthermore, seeing them smile makes your heart relax, but what will happen when your child is unhappy? You will be disturbed, feeling sad for your child and probably thinking of ways to make her/him happy. In this post, brotherbros has make research on signs that may indicate that your child is unhappy. Keep reading

Life is strange to some extent! It is normal to feel happiness, sadness, excitement, worry and anger, all of these are human emotions. Furthermore, life is full of ups and downs, there are times in life that you feel contented with the way things are going and also the time that you feel that things are not going well, so likewise children, it is also typical for a child to experience some range of emotion listed above.


As a child and also an adult, this feeling comes and go depending on what they experience in life. 

All kids feel unhappy at times. It becomes a concern when a child is persistently showing signs of being unhappy and are struggling to bounce back from negative experiences.

Below are signs that may indicate that your child is unhappy

Signs that May indicate that your child is unhappy 

Not playing with friends or feeling lonely 

This could be true, most children do not associate themselves with many gatherings, but seeing your child not playing amongst friends he/she is used to indicating that child is unhappy. And I will advise you to walk to him/her and try to talk to your child to know what the matter was.

Why is my child unhappy

Reduce interest in an activity they enjoyed doing best 

This is quite very simple. When a child find what he or she is doing often becomes boring, then that child is obviously in a bad mood. All you have to do is come up with a new idea and make your child feel loved again. 

not playing

Most time, children prefer it when their parents play with them, show them love and the rest. It will be advisable to spend some time with your child. There are some parenting mistake we should avoid

Having difficulty falling asleep 

When a child is having difficulty falling asleep, it may indicate that throughout the day, your child was unhappy and probably can’t sleep. 


The best thing to do as a mother or a father is to read them bed stories, or you sing for them but it should be a cool song. Songs that will make them fall asleep. 

Not laughing as much

When a child is happy, they often laugh too much and eventually, most of them laugh to the extent they might fall on the floor and continue laughing.

But when a child doesn’t find what gives him joy funny any longer, know that something is wrong.

not laughing

We indeed get bored from doing the same thing every day. But for a child that does not know his right or wrong, seeing him not laughing at what normally bring him or her joy, means that something is not right. 


From the above steps or signs so far, the parent must try to monitor or observe their child emotions. READ ALSO How to lose belly fat in seven days | Ways to Have a Flat Tummy in 2022/2023

Moreover, if any of these signs are present in your child, and have persisted for more than 3 weeks, then it may be beneficial for them to talk to someone who can help them to understand their feelings better and develop coping skills.

Just as kids may have difficulty sharing their feelings openly, as a parent, it can also be difficult to know what to say to support your child. I hope this post makes sense. 

Thank you!


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