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Furthermore, this grant application with the official website is a youth empowerment program initiated by the Central Bank of Nigeria to help foster the nation’s economic growth sustainable development. Read Also How to Share An Audible Book with Someone Else in 2021/2022

CBN Ties Grant 2021


The Central Bank of Nigeria, as part of its policy measures to address rising youth unemployment and underemployment, developed the Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES), in partnership with Nigerian polytechnics and universities to harness the potential of graduate entrepreneurs (gradpreneurs) in Nigeria.

Objectives of the Central Bank of Nigeria Tertiary Institute Scheme (CBN Ties)

The broad objective of the Scheme is to enhance access to finance by undergraduates and graduates of polytechnics and universities in Nigeria with innovative entrepreneurial and technological ideas. Other specific objectives of the Scheme include:

Provide an enabling environment for co-creation, mentorship and development of entrepreneurial and technological innovations for value creation in partnership with Nigerian polytechnics and universities for the purpose of economic development and job creation;

  1. Fast track ideation, creation and acceleration of a culture of innovation-driven entrepreneurship skills among graduates of polytechnics and universities in Nigeria;
  2. Promote gender balance in entrepreneurship development through capacity development and improved access to finance;
  3. Leapfrog entrepreneurial capacity of undergraduates and graduates for entrepreneurship and economic development in partnership with academia and industry practitioners; and
  4. Boost contribution of the non-oil sector to the nation’s GDP.

Eligible Industries that can apply for the CBN ties grant 2021

Activities to be covered under the Scheme shall include innovative start-ups and existing businesses owned by graduates of Nigerian polytechnics and universities in the following areas:

  1. Agribusiness – production, processing, storage and logistics;
  2. Information technology – application/software development, business process outsourcing, robotics, data management;
  3. Creative industry – entertainment, artwork, publishing, culinary/event management, fashion, photography, beauty/cosmetics;
  4. Science and technology – medical innovation, robotics, ticketing systems, traffic systems, renewable energy, waste management; and
  5. Any other activity as may be determined by the CBN from time to time.

How to Apply for Ties CBN Grant 2021

  • To apply for the CBNTies Application, kindly visit the official website via
  • Click on the “APPLY NOW” Button
  • Click on “Proceed”
  • Ensure you use a valid and working email address
  • Once you are done filling the form kindly submit and wait for approval mail

Note: Priority will be given to innovative entrepreneurial activities with high potentials for export, job creation and transformational impact.

Trading activities shall not be eligible for financing under the Scheme.

CBN Ties Loan or Grant Application?

The CBN Ties opportunity is a grant and also a loan respectively, this simply means, if you fall into the category of the grant, you will not pay back the fund given to you. However, if you fall into the loan category scheme, you are going to pay back the money with minimal or no interest after being successful in the application process.

The take-off capital will be sourced from both the Agribusiness / Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme (AgSMEIS) and Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development Fund (MSMEDF).

CBN Ties Loan Application types

The Scheme shall be implemented through three (3) application types:

  • Term Loan Component;
  • Equity Investment Component; and
  • Developmental Component

Term Loan Component

Graduates of Nigerian polytechnics and universities shall be eligible to participate under the Term Loan Component, which shall be implemented as detailed below:

Eligibility Criteria for Participation

Applicants under the Scheme shall be graduates of Nigerian polytechnics and universities with:

  1. First-degree certificate (BSc/HND/ or it’s equivalent);
  2. National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) discharge or exemption certificate;
  3. Certificate of Participation issued by polytechnics and universities evidencing entrepreneurship training; and
  4. Not more than 7 years post-NYSC.


Interest payment and principal repayment shall be made on a monthly or quarterly basis by the obligor depending on the established cash flow cycle and in line with the approved repayment schedule.

Participating Financial Institutions

The PFIs under this Scheme shall be deposit money banks (DMBs) and other financial institutions as may be approved by the CBN.

Other Features of the CBN Ties Loan 2021

  • The focus shall be on both start-up and existing projects in ratio 40:60, respectively.
  • To promote gender equality, 50 per cent of the Term Loan Component of the Scheme shall be earmarked for female-led or -owned projects.
  • Facilities accessed under the Term Loan Component shall be revolving, as upon full repayment, beneficiaries shall be eligible to apply for additional and or increased funding to ensure the sustainability of financing support to projects.
  • The facility shall be disbursed in tranches and subject to approved terms and milestones.
  • The tenor of projects financed under the Scheme shall be determined in relation to its cash flow and life of the underlying collateral.
  • All movable assets financed under the Scheme or used as collateral
  • to secure the loan shall be registered with the National Collateral Registry (NCR).
  • Risk-sharing (including recoveries) shall be in ratio 80:20 between the Central Bank of Nigeria and the PFI for the amount in default, after all, recoveries have been made.
  • In the event of three (3) consecutive monthly repayment defaults by any beneficiary, the CBN and PFI shall review the repayment schedule with the beneficiary with recovery notification issued to that effect.
  • Beneficiaries of other CBN’s interventions shall be eligible to participate under the Scheme upon the full repayment of the amount outstanding under the other earlier accessed intervention facility.
  • This facility could be used for the refinancing of existing projects subject to Management’s special approval.

Equity Investment Component

The Equity Investment Component shall be in the form of injection of fresh capital for start-ups, expansion of established businesses or reviving of ailing entrepreneurial businesses. The Component shall be implemented under the AgSMEIS Equity window.

Investment Limit

The investment limit shall be subject to the limit prescribed in the AgSMEIS Guidelines.

Investment Period

This shall be as follows:

  • The investment made shall be for a maximum period of ten (10) years (not exceeding December 31, 2031).
  • There shall be a 3-year lock-in period before exiting in order to encourage value creation and boost the managerial capacity of the business.

Investment Period

  • The Bankers’ Committee Trust shall hold the equity on behalf of the
  • AgSMEIS Fund.
  • The equity investments shall be in enterprises operating within the eligible focal areas.

Developmental Component

The Developmental Component shall be disbursed in the form of grants to Nigerian polytechnics and universities after participating and coming top in a national biennial entrepreneurship competition.

The competition is aimed at raising awareness and visibility of high-impact entrepreneurial/technological ideas among undergraduates, promoting entrepreneurial talent hunts in Nigerian polytechnics and universities, as well as encouraging innovations that are commercially viable and with a transformational impact.

The Developmental Component shall also be utilized for the general development of the MSME segment in the following areas:

  • Finance the development of the award-winning innovative entrepreneurial/technological ideas;
  • Research and development of high-impact technological innovations and projects; and
  • Support the development of financial infrastructure to facilitate entrepreneurship in Nigerian polytechnics and universities.

CBN Grant for Undertgradaute

The CBN Grant for Undergraduate is as stated below

Five (5) top Nigerian polytechnics and universities with the best entrepreneurial pitches/ideas shall be awarded as follows:

First place N 150.0 million;
Second place N 120.0 million;
Third place N 100.0 million;
Fourth place N 80.0 million
Fifth place N 50.0 million

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