How to Avoid Sapa in Nigeria 2021 – This article will guide you on some major process taken to avoid such in Nigeria. Keep reading

What is sapa?

As it is already known in Nigeria, sapa sometime affect the mind of youth in this era, as price of commodity began to increase, the price of living is becoming too expensive.

However, sapa is a Nigerian slang that refers to the level or stage of brokenness and a result of hardship in a country or state. Read also What Is SAPA And Why Do Nigerians Use It?


How to Avoid Sapa in Nigeria 2021| Sapa Salary

Sapa Salary

What does sapa salary mean?

Most time, when you work and obviously you are not seeing any income from it, is called sapa salary.

Moreover, a youth is employed to work as a POS operator with a monthly salary of 25k. And by the end of the day, the youth can’t make any saving and probably can’t explain how the money finishes. This kind of example is called sapa salary. Let’s take for instance:

“My friend work in a POS shop and his monthly salary is about 30k but there is restriction. He won’t come to work late, and is expected to be in work as early as 6am and close at 10pm. late coming attract a fine of 700 from his salary, any shortage from work will be deducted from his salary and an overall check and balance will be done before he can receive his pay for the month.

And moreover, if your shortage is much more than your salary, you will have to pay the organization”. Now you see how difficult that work is?

My friend work for some period of time without having much shortage but the very month he decide to stop the work, a huge shortage of 20k appear in his record he has no choice but to collect the remaining money that was left. And this is what we called sapa salary my brother.

How to avoid sapa in Nigeria 2021| Sapa Salary

Below are some of the things to avoid sapa in Nigeria:

Avoid too much Expense

No matter how economical you can be, it is difficult to reduce expenses but we as a youth should learn how to cut our coat to our size.

Don’t go for what your hands can not afford, or maybe your friends are buying fancy stuff and you feel you belong and later open your box of saving to buy those expenses wears. Believe me, by the time hunger hits you bah, you go know say sapa dey real.

Learn to save

We can decide to make three 3 saving box. I know it will be difficult sometime but it the best.

Make one for probably when a matter arises, another one for feeding and then the last one for future saving. The one for feeding will help when you are broke to find something to eat.

The second saving will help you only when an important matter happens and the only option is to use the second saving box to solve problem.

And then the last saving should be touched at all. Because the remaining two will already help solve some issues before even thinking of using the last one.

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I hope this little article on ways to avoid sapa in Nigeria is helpful


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