SAPA is a Nigerian slang language that is popularly used by Nigerians to state the level of their brokenness. However, SAPA fully means the extreme state of poverty or hardship.

As a Nigerian, youth normally find it difficult to sustain or meet their need, at this time; they use the word SAPA to describe the level of poverty and struggle. Seriously, many Nigerian do not know the meaning of the word sapa while others are using it to catch fun.


For instance, a friend might intend to call, to know how the other friend is doing, and if probably the other friend is not doing well, he or she will reply saying “everywhere sapa”.


Sapa came into existence the very day hunger began to affect the poor massive and mostly youth.  An individual who finds it difficult to eat three times or two times a day mostly uses the word “sapa”.

A SHORT EXAMPLE:   I was at home when I call my friend because I haven’t been seeing him for some time now. But obviously, he travels for hustle.

So we spoke on phone for a long and I later ask him how is life over there, and he just replied to me saying “omoh nah sapa everywhere oh” so I began to wonder what does sapa means.  I laugh and asked him, he then explained it and we both laugh at it.


Sapa – Nigeria English Pigin Language has become popular, especially on social media.  Nigerian youth use it to describe the state of been broke, hungry, or level of poverty.

Most Nigerian youths describe sapa as a bad moment, for instance; look at a short example, some might say;   

“I no been dey like eba, but sapa don change my taste” that means, normally he or she never like to eat eba or we could say the person is so selective of what to eat but ever since poverty or thing becomes difficult, he or she has no choice than to eat what is left.





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