Parents are known to be the first and last teacher to their child, most things children learn comes from parents. Children learn from their parents very fast, either good or bad behaviour. How do parents support their child? This is the topic for our discussion today.


Are you praying to be better parents? Do you want to add value to your child’s life? If so, then look no further, because this article is for you, and in this article, we will be discussing how do parents support their children. Keep reading!

Children need support from their parents to excel in their field and other things. Below are some of the things every parent can do to support their child.


1. In term of academic, develop a partnership with your child teacher and school staff 

This process is simple, as soon as your child start school, try to develop a partnership with your child teacher, this alone will inform the teacher that you are trying to support your child in any way you can. Try to make it understandable for the teacher that anything happens; he or she should contact you.  

Another thing is to get to know who is your child friends, this method helps a lot but some parents don’t understand how this process works. 

When you are trying to know your child friends, don’t act or be as an FBI, follow them one step at a time, and if by all means, you found some unusual movement or something you don’t like about that person, don’t just walk to that person and start shouting at him or her. The first thing you should put into consideration is his or her feeling.

First, sit him or her down and talk to him or her but make sure you are advising the person when he or she is in a good mood because that is the only moment the child will listen to you attentively. 


2. Find out how your child is doing

Not just in the school aspect, other stuff is related, try to find out how your child is doing, learn to understand how he or she is feeling. 

In the academic aspect, get in touch with your child teacher to learn where your child is lacking in the education.

Once the teacher explains them to you, it is now your turn as a parent to play your role. Get to sit your child down and talk to him or her, when you talk, try to bring topics related to education, then ask him the subject he or she is finding confusing and difficult. 

By so doing, your child will gladly open up to you and explain where he or she is finding it difficult to comprehend in school. Now, you as a parent will encourage him or her, at your less busy schedules, teach him or her everything you know and make fun from it while teaching, after you have finished teaching him or she prepares something nice for your child to eat and make sure that you always help him to complete his homework.

3. Help your child prepare for the test

The problem with some parents supporting their child is that they feel that once they have given birth to that child and that’s all, the child is on his or her own. And this kind of behaviour is bad for the child. Learn to know more about your child, what he or she can do and what he or she can’t do. Learn to know your child weakness and strength. 

 In the aspect of helping or supporting your child prepare for the test is very simple, you just need to know that the test is very important as you are very important to him or her. Create time for your child to prepare well, study with him or her, help practice what you both have learned previously and need please endeavour to wake him or her early to dress for school. When you are supporting or helping your child prepare for the test, take his or her studies seriously as if you are the one preparing for the test. 

4. Encourage your child to read at home

They said “a leader shows an example” the process is simple. You can’t encourage others to do something you are not doing. It is not possible. Before you encourage your child to read at home on his or her less busy time, you as a parent should at least take a book or a newspaper to read, and when you can do that; you can then feel free to encourage him or her to read.

And that child will never forget his or her time of reading because the child is always seeing you read at the less busy schedule. Children are very simple and very smart. They learn things from adults very fast. So be that great parent for your child before he or she comes of age. 

5. Spend the time with your child

When they said to spend time with your child, does not mean the whole day because the child will be bored. When they say spend some time with your child means, at your usual less busy time, instead of operating your phone all day or seeing a movie all through the night, walk to where your child is sited and make some funny joke. Learn to make your child smile when you are around. 

When your child feels secure with you, there is nothing your child will hide from you, not even a drop of water. From there you will understand your child intention, weakness, strength and you will understand his emotion. 

In other to support your child dreams, you have to spend time with him, when he or she talks, listen and advise him or she then encourages him or her to walk toward it. Always remind him or her of the plans he or she wish to accomplish and please do not be too hard on your child. 


From what we have discussed so far, we have concluded to let parents know that the greatest gift they can give their children is the support they need, the time you share with them. Make all things memorable for them before they come of age. 

The most important thing to keep in mind as parents are the time you spend with your children. Doing this alone will make you understand your children better.

It is through talking and listening to their children you will learn a thing. And always encourage them when they feel discouraged. 

For instance, when a child fails in school, or another aspect, instead of the parents drawing closer to the child and talk to him or her and encourage the child, the parents will do the opposite. Some parents will even go the extra mile to make the child feel useless. From there you as parents are gradually putting fear into that child and will make him or her feel uncomfortable. Learn to understand children and their intension before you judge them. 

Thank you for your time and patience, going through this article, I hope that this article is quite helpful and will make you understand a thing on how do parents support their child



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