How to write an online Examination in 2021: The educational system has grown far, beyond expectation. Normally exams are mostly written with pen and paper s but as advancement continues to take place, nowadays the old fashion is over. 

 Exams are now written base on computer technology, and more people are advised to learn how to write an online Examination. As this method of written examination goes on, most people find it difficult to comprehend and this results in massive failure in the academic system. 



Sometimes, most people even fail before even thinking of attempting a question, not that they don’t know the answers to some questions but they are not familiar with using a computer to answer questions online. 

Moreover, if you are finishing it difficult on how to write online exams, then this article is for you, here in this article, we will explain everything you need to know about online Examinations of different types and how to write the examination. Keep reading this article.


In my understanding, online Examination could be seen as the systematic advancement of answering a question via the Internet in a technological way. 

The definition explains that, before you can write any online Examination, you need to have a basic knowledge of computers and how it works. Once you are knowledgeable about the computer, writing any kind of online Examination will be easy and simple.


It promotes your sense of reasoning: Online exams promote your sense of reasoning in a more advanced way of thinking.

Here, if you are to answer 25 questions in 12 minutes. Normally during paper and pen, people don’t mind the time they are given because even after the time an individual can still wait extra time to finish up. But during the online exam, the individual has to think fast before answering.

Add Value: The online Examination add value to your skill in so many ways. Think about this, not all online exams are for writing seek. Some of the exams make you get familiar with the computer and it methods of operating. 

Working with the computer is quite easy as the case may be. So individuals who found themselves in an online Examination often learn new things in one way or other without them knowing.

Discipline: online Examinations help candidates or individuals to be disciplined in the sense that they make candidates learn how to manage their time wisely. Once any candidate clicks on the start button, it means that you are ready to start attempting any question and so the time duration begins to start counting. Candidates are therefore advised to attempt to the question they know best.


Poor performance: Here, as I have mentioned earlier, not everyone is familiar with computers and how they operate. So, with this in mind, it might result in the poor academic performance of the candidate. 

Due to rushing in other to beat up time before the computer turns off, you will be forced to answer wrong questions and most it includes tension of the exam and the use of the computer to answer questions.

Limited time: on like writing an Exam base on paper and pen some invigilator might decide to add more minutes to the candidate.

But in terms of an online exam, everything is well programmed and once the time is due, the whole submission process begins, without minding if you have finished answering the questions or not.


CBT Online Examination is one of the best practices methods for writing an online exam in Africa. Before any candidate could an online CBT exam, the candidate needs to follow the simple steps below:

Learn how to use the computer: Candidates are therefore advised to enroll themselves in a computer training school for a certificate course. By doing so, the candidate will not just learn computers for exams seek but will also have computer skills to fit the community as the computer is advancing day after day. 

I believe there are plenty of better computer schools in your environment or location with less cost than you can enroll yourself with.

Know your subject combination: Assuming you are going to the accredited CBT center to register for the Jamb Examination, the candidate should be aware of the combination of the subject he or she is willing to write. Most candidates register subjects that will often stress them when answering questions in an exam Hall. By doing so, this alone will only consume their time and will, however, make them not answering up to 20 questions.

Study the subject syllabus: The subject syllabus is very important, candidates need to get the syllabus for each subject combination in other to perform well in their Examination.

Practice: If you feel you cannot enroll yourself in a computer training school, and then it is best you go to any computer business center and engaged yourself. 

Start to test yourself in answering some CBT questions online and try to beat up with the time duration, however, if you can answer at least 50% of questions correctly, it is possible that you can answer those questions in a real exam.

Practice Past Questions: most candidates think since it is an online exam, there will be no need for past questions. But the truth remains. Past questions do help a lot. Most written exams are often set with questions that have been set before. 

However, when studying past questions, study questions that are written for 1999 – 2020, most importantly, when studying take note of every question, the question that is constantly or repeatedly asked are those you should focus on. The question might be repeated.


Test Your Technology: Before you press the start button, you need to test your computer to see if everything is working to your satisfaction. Some candidates will just start by pressing the start button without even going through the computer to see if it will serve well.

Stay on track: This helps the candidate to stay focus when writing their exams. During the exam, try by all means to avoid been distracted, either by noise or something that might implicate you. Check around to see if there is anything that looks suspicious then can the invigilator take it off before you begin writing your examination.

Pace yourself: Since it is an online Examination, candidates find it difficult to calm themselves and answer the right questions. The exam is an online one, candidates do not need to rush their exam. Take your time to answer questions correctly but keep your eyes on the clock. 

While you wait for instructions from the invigilator and candidate to get seated, you are advised to review the guidelines, the exam format so that you can predict how long you can spend on every question.


Don’t Leave the Test Page: This kind of the wrong move happen often since it is an online Examination, some candidate thinks they can just leave the page and browse their answer on another page when they find it difficult to answer one question. 

But I tell you it is a risky move because once you leave the Test Page to a different one, there are chances that your test page will lose from the screen and you cannot gain access to it again. And as a result, you have automatically failed that exam. So please do the needful to follow rules that govern the online examination. 

You should click on any answer that comes to your mind than leaving that page to open a different page in other to browse your answer.

Unforeseen Computer Problem: This kind of problem only happens at a minute less expected. Even though you have to check very well before you start your examination to avoid interruption from the computer, it is also possible that the computer might still go off. 

And when such things happen contact your invigilator for assistance and make sure you have proof of what happened to avoid a low score.

Proofread: Do me a favor to go through your answers once you have finished answering them ahead of time. 

However, the candidate often feels that once they are done answering the question online and they happen to finish before time, too much anxiousness will make them press the submit button without even proofreading their answers.

The candidate thought it is not possible to proofread their answers due to time and end up rushing to submit. But I tell, be it an online examination or a pen and paper s examination, candidate can still proofread their answers and make the proper adjustment but don’t forget to always keep your eyes on the clock or better still if it happens you finish on time, set an alarm of 30 minutes ahead the main examination time from your wristwatch. 

By doing so, once the alarm rings, you will get information before the main exams time and then hurry to submit it. Mind you, this method is for those who finished early.

Use Logic When Test Taking: This process will help the candidate get familiar with technical questions. 

Some questions may seem familiar to others or previous one you must have encountered during your study, so if should question should repeat again, try to check the answers and read the question again.

It can be possible that the option might change but the question will remain, the candidate needs to eliminate the option that doesn’t explain the correct answer and choose the right option.


Long ago, in-person examination or should I say paper and pen examinations were one of the most competitive methods of writing an examination.

I could remember when we only come to an examination hall without a pen but will still ask others to borrow us. 

Most time, are ask the invigilator for more time or extra time because we couldn’t answer some questions completely and want to go back to those questions and answer them before we submit, but as time and days go by, things began to change and the method of education began to change.

The use of computer technology has become one of the primary aims of learning and to develop your knowledge excessively. The introduction of technology has brought big changes to the society and environment as a whole. Therefore, the need to learn computer technology is more important than the case may be. 

How to write an online examination is becoming more popular day after day, due to technology development and other factors that might affect the educational system. 

Candidates, students, and workers often write your exams online, most especially students and workers.

Most staff online examinations are for promotional purposes and other online exams are mostly students and those who prefer distance leavening. 

In this case, people who are doing distance learning often make use of laptops at all means to educate themselves. However, if you happened to partake in distance learning, I strongly advise that you take your computer seriously and ensure that your computer is in a good position to avoid missing lectures and exams.

Because in the process of distance learning, once a student misses his or her exams, asking for a markup exam will be difficult because you don’t interact with the lecturer one on one, your exam, lecture, and other things are done online, so it is best your computer is always in other and have consistent internet access. 

I know that I have talked for more than an hour, but I do hope that from the above objective on how to write an online Examination in 2021 download to this place seem helpful to you and I hope that you do comprehend with my words?

Thanks! If this article seems helpful, then don’t hesitate to share, and if you however find anything faulty in the article, please let us know in the comments box below.




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