I have made an update on this post on the 4th of September, 2021. to help users understand the possible steps and sites to apply for online jobs for 2021. 

However, this post will explain the sites that can improve your search for an online job application and how to go about. 


Long ago, the process of applying for a job is by going to the company or organization to submit their application.

However, plenty company or organization nowadays has the system of introducing an online method of creating a site for applicants to submit their resume or curriculum vitae via online process to reduce stress for an applicant.

Furthermore, if you are finding it difficult to learn how to apply for any online jobs, then this article is for you. In this post, we will be sharing with you the possible steps and methods to apply for an online job.

Continue reading this article, to the end in other to learn how to apply for any online jobs.



1. Go through any job application sample form 

The main reason you need to go through the application sample the form is to help you get more information on the company or organization requirements so that you won’t be taken unprepared.

However, after going through the company or organization requirements, this will enable you to draft the perfect requirements and provide the necessary information for the job.

After you must have finished drafting your information, filling the application form online won’t be difficult because you will be using the information you have a draft for the requirements.

2. Provide your Resume online 

To be honest, employers are looking for honest, original, and current resume information from applicants before their chance of gaining the the job will be guarantee.

However, your resume is updated and must be of good quality information that carries all your information, from the very day you start your education to the day you have finished and your work experience.

It is sad to know that your resume does not get proper attention from your hiring employer. But in other to prevent this from happening, when submitting your resume, first save the name as (James Gideon Resume.doc) this format of saving your resume will always interest the hiring employer to look after your resume.  

3. Provide Your working Experience 

Many job applicants’ does the mistake of not providing the proper information about their working experience. 

As this is so important, provide all details of your history or past and present working experience to their hiring employer.

This alone will give him hints that you are capable of handling any job. 

Because people with a lot of working experience have the chance to be employed in any company or organization. 

Note: when providing your information, add the desired position you wish to handle in the said company or if you have a skill and you wish to explore, you then search for the a job that matches your skills. 

4. Be Positive 

This process is very serious, as an applicant’s, you need to be positive about your application. In the sense that you have applied for any job online, try to be positive-minded, that is; know what you want and go for it. 

Therefore, if the application requirements suit your skill of work, then be positive and apply.  

5. Create an Account with Job site 

 In this aspect, applicants need to create a Job account. This is because, most available jobs might be having several positions for new applications, so as the case may be. If the said applicant is not aware of the job position online, the job account he or she created will notify the applicants about any company that is recruiting.

However, before creating a job account, applicants should provide clear details or information in other to be contacted. Furthermore, applicants can still search for online jobs and create an account with their social media profile to receive clear information as to when they post about job positions and available vacancies.

6. Use Keywords To Search for Jobs Online 

The use of keywords search is very important when it comes to an online jobs application. 

In other to get the required job you are seeking, then you must learn how to use a proper keywords search, to get your desired results.

The list of sites to apply for the job online are:


Career builder.com


All of these are reliable sites where you can apply for jobs online. Now let us discuss these one step at a time.

i. indeed.com: indeed.com is one of the perfect sites on the net that is user friendly and provides well secure jobs to applicants.

Indeed.com is one of the large sites with over 250 million unique visitors that visit the sites every month. Indeed.com is self-determined inputting jobs seeker first and helping them get a perfect job that will favour their status. 

With almost every day, indeed.com connect millions of Jobseeker to great opportunities and a better secure job.  Job seekers can search for the type of job which to apply for using the search bar and the location they wish to work. 

ii. careerbuilder.com: As the name applies, the CareerBuilder.com has been in existence for over 20 years and is one of the leading sites for jobseeker opportunities. The CareerBuilder helps to connect employers with employees with great skills and potentials which in return help to the develop the managers company. 

Moreover, the name comes with so much power “CareerBuilder” that means they don’t just help employees to get a job but help them to secure a perfect job that can build their skills and technology. 

The CareerBuilder comes with data and technology to advance human capacilty and make employer find and hire great people with great potentials. 

iii. Dice.com: Dice.com, which happen to be the last on my list, Dice.com is one of the leading database sites for job seekers online. This is the greatest site that managing over 9 million profiles in the United States. 

Dice.com has advanced in technology and their methods of getting a job to applicants, moreover, with Dice.com, your chances of getting a job is 100% secure and well professional jobs. 


Looking for a job online is not the only place to search. However, you could ask your friends who work in a place you desired to work and tell him or them to keep you posted as to when they will be recruiting or maybe inform your relations. 

Who knows they could have some better information about any job requirements that will interest you. While you search for other jobs online.

Some of the reasons you need to tell your friends or relations about any available jobs are because some jobs vacancy are not usually published online for applicants. So in this case, if some of your friends who work at some of this kind of company will help you with better information.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, and I hope this article is helpful. 




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