Supposing you have been invited for an interview and you are dressed well but don’t know what might likely be inside the interview room. At this point, you are anxious and at the same time scared.

Going for a job interview will only determine whether you are qualified for the job or not. but most people who are not qualified for the job often get the job. why is that? this is because they put away fear and invite courage alongside confidence with them.

Do not panic because this article will give you hints on things to note inside the interview room. However, if this is the first time you are called for an interview, this article will give you hints. So Read on!


First, knock at the door when you are called gently and wait for a response. If any, then you have to enter, if there is no response then two more times, if there is no response just open the door gently and enter.

most people do the aspect of entry into an interview room as if it is their father’s bedroom, and that is a bad habit. even though, you still can’t enter your father’s room like that without knocking. you should have this manner of knocking before entry.

Secondly, open the door with your (Right Hand), enter, and shut the door behind you with your (Left Hand) as you face the interviewer.
Most job seekers do the mistake of back facing the interviewer when closing the door. that is, they will turn around to close the door. Note never back on the interviewers as you close the door. This will give the interviewer the impression that you’re confident and familiar with the working environment.  

Thirdly, as you walk to the interviewer, walk confidently and bravely never walk slow as it portrays fear, timidness, etc. however, if you don’t feel confident before your interviewers, this will result in a chance of not getting the said job you require.

like they say fear is always visible in one face. so do the needful to remove fear from your mind, and moreover, those people are normal human beings like you and I, I see no reason you should be afraid of them.

Lastly, greet them with a smile on your face and give them a friendly but firm handshake but wait until they call for it. Before introducing yourself. In case if your interviewer says “How do you do?” Reply the same “Am doing great, and you?” if he says “pleased to meet you”. Reply the same. Because this is a Basic English Grammar.

With all of this listed above, I hope you now have a good in-depth on things to note inside the interview room. It is now time to go out there and make your success count.  

Thanks, I hope this article is helpful!




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