Captain Npower: Though is it no longer news since the introduction of captain npower which was introduced by the federal government of Nigeria.

However, a lot of people over time have been asking what is captain npower and how does this thing work or how is captain npower important.


Here, we advise, you should not panic because this post will give you all in-depth of npower and the introduction of the captain npower and how it can benefit the npower volunteers.

About the Npower Scheme Programme.

Long before the introduction of Npower Programme Scheme, by the Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria youth often lack jobs, and this results to massive unemployment in the country.

Furthermore, the npower programme scheme later came into existence from June 2016 till date in other to discourse the youth unemployment that is happening in the country and to help increase the social development and structure the unemployment plan.

Much unemployed Nigerian youth have benefited massively from the Npower programme scheme since June 2016.

Moreover, before you can participate in the npower programme scheme, applicants must undergo some online applications/screening and will present some documents for screening purposes, applicants with an O’level certificate, HND, and OND can as well apply for the Npower programme scheme.

Once you are shortlisted successfully, applicants are therefore selected to their various primary places of assignment, and they called it PPA in short. In other to know or check your Primary Place of Assignment PPA, applicants need to log in to their dashboard and click on the deployment status.

Only then you can find your PPA. Once the said applicants have relocated to its deployment status, applicants are then paid on a monthly basics.

Captain Npower Programme Categories

The captain npower is categorized in many sections which are:

N Teach

This N-Teach is only for applicants with A’level credentials and has already undergone the National Youth Service Corps, so their main primary purpose is to teach in any of the government schools in his or their local government area. That is the place the applicant’s state of origin during registration.


The N-Agro programme scheme category also is completely meant for applicants with A’level credentials and has already undergone the National Youth Service Corps NYSC. This section is for applicants who have the idea of agriculture.


This category is meant for HND/Degrees holders who study building technology in their universities and polytechnic. This programme scheme will expand their knowledge and capability.

However, all these categories mentioned above are for only graduate applicants while the non-graduate applicants can still apply for; N-Agro, N-Build, N-Creative, and N-Tech.

Moreover, non-graduate salary is paid base on monthly basis but the duration of programme is for six months while that of graduates is for two years.

Now Introduction of Captain Nopwer in Brief

We all know that many npower volunteers or npower beneficiaries are using another means to earn more money from the npower programme scheme other than the npower programme.

Some Nigeria National Youth Service Corps members are mostly the victim of circumstances, some will however apply for the npower scheme programme and are still enjoying another source of revenue, leaving some masses that are yet to be shortlisted.

Benefits of Captain Npower

The benefit of captain npower is to reduce how applicants are earning from both sides of employment. Because the npower programme scheme is more like a recruitment opportunity, applicants are paid on monthly basis and the fund is sent directly to their account.

Applicants that do not partake in his or her PPA will face a query and this might result in terminating thier job. So it is very clear that the programme scheme is more like a job offer to applicants. But rather some applicants do not take the programme scheme seriously.


The Captain Npower scheme was only designed to catch any npower volunteer member who is earning revenue from both sides of employment. So, if probably you are an npower volunteer that happens to earn from a different source apart from the npower scheme, we advise you to exist before you get caught.

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