The aspect of asking a seller for the reduction of the price of a commodity in a polite manner or a low tone is known as bargaining. Negotiation has been in an existence for a long, and people tend to use this method to ask for the reduction of price.



However, bargaining saves money and it helps to reduce many expenses, as bargaining is very important to humans, we should at least learn to bargain fairly in other not to hurt some else’s feelings.

In this article, we will be a discussion on things we should not bargain on and things we should or ought to bargain. Keep reading this article because this article will help you to learn more or will at least teach you to be self-conscious when bargaining.

It hurt me as an individual to see how many young people bargain the price of commodities at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Most time, we claim we are rich and want to impress our girlfriends by going the extra mile to buy them the most expensive things and not minding how costly those things are.

However, when we equally walk to the mall, we sometimes lost our sense of reasoning. At that time, our sense of bargaining has lost from us and we began to buy things without bargaining and to the extent of leaving tips for that said staff.

Mostly, shopping mall, boutiques or supermarket has a price tag on every each product you wish to purchase from there.

Come to think of it, if we ask nicely for a reduction, the person selling it will reduce the price no matter the price tag, but “no” we feel it a mall or a supermarket and we don’t want to be embarrassed by asking for a reduction, so we go straight ahead to make those payments.

But the very moment we step our feet out of those so-called malls, boutiques, and supermarkets, and went to buy some small stuff from the street or probably an orange or a banana from those elderly women who hawk on the street to feed their family, then our bargaining spirit rises to level 100, in fact to the roof.

For instance, a very poor woman on the street tells you her orange is N150 she might even go the extra mile to explain to you how difficult it was for her to buy some in the market. But rather, we pay deaf ears to all her explanation and still insist if it is not N50, you are not buying.

Most of us will even step back into our car to drive away, but because half bread is better than none, the woman is left with no choice but to run after us and still sell it at that amount you have asked for.

In her heart, she cries bitterly, and she’s worried about how she’ll survive with her children. What comes to her mind is; “tomorrow is another day, and will be better than today” at least she doesn’t want to take the remaining oranges back home, even without gaining some from the sale to feed her family with.

On the other hand, you drove home happily, thinking you have made it in life, sucking on the oranges with a smiling face. Please take some minute to think about this.

I beg you to please don’t bargain too hard on those who hawk petty goods to feed their family and children, most especially women. We know things are hard but at least show mercy to some extent.


 Lastly, those people selling petty goods do business to feed their children and family, they don’t do business to buy designer wear and fashion.

I believe, by now we ought to know when to bargain and when not to bargain, so please let us change our ways. They said “giving to the poor is equally as lending to the marker”

Try to put a smile on people’s faces, at least for a day and it pays to be good. In case you haven’t, try it someday and you will see changes.

Do you know what it is like for someone to be happy and it all thanks to you? There is this joy inside it.

I hope this article does make sense to your hearing.

Thank you!




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