Her today keeps getting worse than her yesterday, and her dream of a better tomorrow is entitled on ‘prayer’ rather than ‘plan’.

People who have refused to wake up to reality often tell me to be positive, the religious ones would say we should have faith and continue praying for Nigeria while the politicians keep advising us to be loyal. But my question to them all is; for how long shall we continue to do that?


 In this article, we will like to explain the major reason Nigeria as a country is not moving forward, rather it moving backward with pain.

My grandfather stood on this alters of hopefulness waiting for Nigeria to improve; Nigeria kept failing till he died. My father is still here and the only good story he knows about Nigeria was the one before my birth, the Nigeria of yesterday.

That’s the kind of experience the country has bestowed on us all, and it’s about doing the same to our unborn children.

I believe most of us weren’t born when there was constant electricity, but I remember when NEPA would dim light to notify people that they’re about to seize light. Most of us didn’t witness the era of free education, but we met education when it still had little value when one’s popularity in the street is determined by how brilliant he/she is in school.

We grew up when we hardly see soldiers on the streets, and the Nigerian police who happen to be the most hated people in Nigeria today used to be loved and respected.

I still remember how excited our neighbor’s son was when he was posted to Borno state for his NYSC, I remember exchanging N180 for CFA1000 in 2001 when I visited my uncle at Benin republic. Cefa is almost equal to Naira today.

I could remember when most of us were shedding tears in front of the television in the year 2000, the day Nigeria lost the Nations cup finals to Cameroun, the whole of Nigeria was quiet as a graveyard.

I believe our tears were because of the love we had for Nigeria; unlike today when our tears are because of the terrible things happening in Nigeria.

We all know the story of a Nigerian man that started work as a civil servant in 1983 with a salary of N500 ($700), retired in 2016 after 33years of serving his country with a salary of N180,000 ($500), for 33years the man was in a country that is slowly and consistently moving him backward!

So how do you want us to believe that Nigeria will get better when it’s very clear the country is on a reverse gear? That’s not hopefulness, that is self-delusion.

I could remember when we used to buy a small paint rubber of cassava flesh (cassava flesh) for N20 (twenty nairas), the same paint rubber of cassava flesh that is selling for N1,500 today, and funny enough, those years our teachers would ask us in every morning assembly to say a prayer for “Nigeria in distress”.

If Nigeria was in distress 25years ago when a painted rubber of cassava flesh was selling for N20, I wonder what the people that came up with that prayer would say about Nigeria’s situation right now.

Femi Adesina in his piece titled “Some prophets see nothing” enjoined us to continue praying for Nigeria, comparing the situation of Nigerian people to that of the people of Nineveh in the Bible.

But let me remind Mr. Adesina in case he has forgotten, that Nigeria has the highest number of religious houses in the world, and the top 5 biggest church auditoriums in the world are here in Nigeria; so if it’s by praying, China should be the one borrowing money from Nigeria and not the other way round.

As a kid we prayed for Nigeria throughout my days in primary school; why tell us to continue praying for Nigeria 25years down the line even when you know that Nigeria’s problem is not spiritual? 

In Nigeria, when the politicians are not telling us to pray, they will be telling us to be loyal, and I wonder which citizens of any country in the world are more loyal than Nigerians.

It’s only in Nigeria that you’ll pay tax to the government, pay security levy to vigilantes, pay bandits to allow you farm your land, dig boreholes to give yourself water, buy a generator to give yourself lightly, drive on bad roads, watch your loved one die in the hospital because of inadequate care and still go to AY’s show and pay so he can make you laugh.

Tell me which part of the world their government would subject its citizens to this kind of inhumane treatment without the citizens burning down the government. But instead, we forget about the government’s wickedness towards us and still find every means to laugh away our sorrows so which level of loyalty is bigger than this?

Rwanda today is not begging her citizens to be loyal or telling them to pray, there’s no Mosque in China, neither are their prayer warriors in Japan; people in Norway don’t live by faith, what all these countries have in common is a PLAN and good leadership, and everyone follows the plan.

I think it’s time for people that are lying and giving themselves false hope that this present Nigeria will be better to embrace the truth, and the prayer warriors to conclude their prayers.

Prayers cannot solve Nigeria’s problem, neither will hope do; Nigerians have to RISE and demand a new Nigeria.

No matter how we want to shy away from it, the truth remains that this present Nigeria is not workable because of the way it’s structured; even if Angel Gabriel becomes the president nothing will change until the country is removed from the reverse gear the structure put it and changing this gear will require some amount of force because our politicians are enjoying the downward journey.

An Igbo adage said that “when the land is in chaos, it is to the benefit of the chiefs”. The politicians who are the chefs here are very cool with this downward ride.

My message here today is that Nigeria MUST be dismantled and coupled back based on an agreed plan. It is a MUST if we ever want to remove it from this reverse gear it’s operating on.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu may be wrong with his method of trying to proffer this solution, but is he right about Nigeria’s situation? Yes, he’s very right in most of the things he said about Nigeria!

Nigeria’s problem is way deeper than what many Nigerians think, there’s a need for massive sensitization of Nigerian people to let them know the demons driving Nigeria to desolation because many Nigerians still see these demons as the Angels that will rescue them.

Nigerians need to know that the crop of politicians we have today will never solve Nigeria’s problems, our senators recently confirmed it the day they voted against electronic transmission of election results.

Nigerians will have to rise, take charge and discuss how we want our country, and start building it based on the agreed plan; NATIONS ARE BUILT ON PLANS, not on propaganda.

I’m not a pessimist, but there’s nothing in this present Nigeria to keep me hopeful, nothing to make me feel proud of being a Nigerian, travelling with a Nigerian passport attracts a double search for me at international airports.

Nothing to love about Nigeria anymore! The green and white flag we used to love and adore has been stained with the blood of innocent Nigerians, the eagle and horses on our coat of arms chased away by political hyenas.

The flowers are dying because nepotism has denied them water, and the green vegetation is eaten up by Fulani cows. River Benue is now filled with the blood of innocent Nigerians killed in the North, while River Niger is saturated with tears of families mourning in the South; the confluence of Lokoja has become a place where tears mix with blood.

Unity and Faith have been murdered, Peace is nursing her wounds, and Progress is relocating to neighboring countries.

The house where Nigeria was born in 1914 is now in ruins; telling us that the country is on a downward cruise to desolation.

I pray that this country should have a better plan and not base on propaganda!

If however, this article seems helpful to you, please endeavor to share this article with many Nigerians out there. And we do hope for a better chance.  



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