Indeed having a child is something to be proud of as a mother. To give birth to a baby is not an easy task as the case may be, that is why the love of parent most especially mothers are too high.  


In this article, I will explain why we need to avoid some parenting mistakes.

Training a child to the fear of the creator and to have a good reputation in society is an utmost desire of every parent.

But what happens if the child becomes something different or someone you never dreamt of?

Below are mistakes you should try to avoid as a parent:

Excess Love

We know mother love can’t be measure because of the struggles they went through giving birth to a child it’s not easy.

So they will do their best to shower that baby with love and this will result in pampering. Pampering a child will, however, spoil that child eventually. Showing love to a child is good, but please notenot everything he or she ask off you provide, make him or her know that in life it’s not everything you dream or ask off you will get. Some days you get what you want while some days you won’t.

 Fight Back

During our old days in school, we dare not report our teachers to our parents. Because when we do, we must have increased our punishment at home and in school. Because our parents will still beat us and still instruct the teacher to watch over us. Why is that so?

Parents those days believe teachers are second guidance, and they have the right to control the child and making them responsible before others.

Nowadays when a teacher beat students, you will see his or her mother going to the school to fight the teacher without minding what the child does.

 If I may ask, what impact are you giving your child? You are indirectly spoiling your child gradually and you won’t know that until when that child has come of age and start misbehaving, that’s when you will recall what you did was wrong.

Not trying to fix the problem

This also results in fighting back but in a different way. You are not trying to fix the problem rather you try to blame someone else.

For instance, your child was the cause of a problem and lucky for you, they report the matter to you.

Instead of you to make them see reason then apologies and when they are gone, call your child and scold him or her. But instead, you will support every word he or she said. This will also make him or her lost respect for elderly people because you don’t discipline him when he or she goes wrong.

Furthermore, it is the joy of every parent to see his or her child becoming responsible, educated and been praised by people in society. For all this to happen, I pray you will do the needful.

I hope you find this article helpful

Thank you for your time



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