Fear is a natural and powerful phenomenon that affects human emotion either through pain, harm, or any form.

However, we can always experience fear in our mind and this can trigger a long reaction in our body. That is the body moves with the mind.


In this article, I will be telling you things you never know about fear and possible way to overcome fear. So keep reading!

Most times, fear often keeps us from achieving our great destiny and will hinder us problem connecting to the world. We all as a human has this special gift and the only way to use it, it clears your mind and removes fear from some situations. 

Furthermore, as soon as fear comes in or you recognize fear, the whole body system goes to work. That is, it will fill your whole body.  But most time fear sometimes keeps us safe and at the same time blocks our progress. 

When it is time to show your ability to the world, never allow fear comes in at that moment. Do whatsoever it takes to remove it and come out confidently. 

How fear comes about

This can be true but hard to believe, fear is a tool or something that keeps us from danger. However, we could also say it keep us or escape us from harmful danger. When we experience fear, we get conscious of what is around us and try to be very careful with whatsoever we are doing.

In this state, these reactions of fear only help us when we are facing a life or death challenge or any real physiological danger. It is possible to feel fear even when you know that you are right.

Moreover, we sometimes create this kind of fear in our heads before it can exist. These kinds of fears include:

1. Fear of people

2. Fear of public speaking

3. Fear of failure

4. Fear of loss

5. Fear of humiliation

6. Fear of being hurt (Especially in a relationship)

7. Fear of being alone

Does any of these fear listed above apply to you? Perhaps, there are possibilities that you could be able to relate to any of the list fears above. Sometimes all of the above-mentioned fear occurs to be before.

Why overcome fear

There is a whole lot of the reason why to overcome fear:

1. Fear limits your potential: Your great ability can only be hidden when you do fear failure. Come out from where you are hiding and make a bold step to success. Hiding won’t do you no good. 

2. You can never run from fear: As this goes on, you never run from it, because fear is natural, you could only face your face head-on. Running away will only give you an illusion of safety. Besides many great men today face challenges you could never comprehend and today they are making it.  

3. Fear is a waste of Energy: The moment you allow fear to occupy you. You can only make your great dream known to yourself instead of connecting it to the world. Because the fear of humiliation can occur when you think so.

4. Fear is all in your mind: At this state; all you do is fear because it has consumed your thought and reasoning. You are too scared to tell the world about your great plans because you will like they will humiliate you. 

Before you think of such, ask yourself this question. will what am about saying make sense? then if you have the right answer, I see no reason why others won’t want to hear it. 

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