We could explain expectation as having a strong and firm belief on something new in the future. In this article, you will learn about the danger of high or great expectation. Keep Reading!


However, we all have that same feeling especially when we hope for the best. Most time it is the parent who placed high expectations on their children by telling them what you will get for them without fulfilling it.

We sometimes get disappointed by our per-group because we talk about something we are going to do so they will be expecting, believing it will work. And when the whole thing doesn’t work, we will then feel ashamed to face them or even talk to them as friends.

Maybe somebody has promises to offer help or make you a president in the organization you’re working for. With this HIGH expectation you’re having and the person later turns you down. Tell me how would you feel?

Why Great Expectation is bad?

Low Self-esteem: we put confidence in people we trust and believe in. But when that trust is no longer there, we fear for the worst. Low self-esteem comes from failing at what you long expect.

The Intimacy of Fear: An intimate can also be described as a close friend or relationship. So in this case, by expecting too much or should I say; high expectations of others you will so much have a perfect chance of pushing them away.

Negative Core Believe We all believe that we could be perfect to be loved because we see that the world is dangerous.

This also can involve stress: As the case may be, too much high expectation comes or require more responsibility. And when a person lacks the skills required, this promotes stress.

Humiliation: By so doing, when you keep telling other your plans. That is you have already created this great expectation in them. So they will hope to see the best in you and you fail. This is when the Humiliation comes in.  

Decrease of personal motivation: Motivation comes from high expectations. That is; someone who motivates you is living fine or however, all that he says to motivate you are true and you see reason. But what will then happen when that person who motivates you is NOT what you have been expecting to see?

How to get rid of high/great expectation

Learn to treat yourself: the first step is learning how to take care of yourself. That is, accepting yourself as you are.

Adjust the way you think: We all know that our thought is so powerful, all our imaginations come from our thought, that is. We think before imagining how it will be like.

Free yourself and free others: When you see everything as normal. You can however remove your high expectation from others.

Why high expectation is helpful?

When people expect you to become some else: This also helps, because it will motivate you to become something great. When all eyes are on you, you will tend to do great things.

Setting the high goal, you lead others to high expectations: When you explain your thought and plans to others, you will make them achieve great things.

Having a great expectation is somewhat good and at the same time can also destroy you. So you shouldn’t expect too much from people and live your life the way you please.





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