If by any chance you always work extra shift during the weekend and you feel exhausted or tired and you need break. Then this article is for you.


It will be our pleasure to share with you the tips for writing a leave letter or how to request time off from work. So keep reading because this article will teach you everything you need to know about writing a leave application!

If you tender an application letter of leave for approval, send a confirming letter to your immediate supervisor and the personnel department. This act is very important as it will serve as a record in case your supervisor leaves the company while you are away.

Why leave application is important

A Leave application letter is important to any organization because it gives clear information as to why the said person is absent from the office. A business employee needs to inform his or her superior been it a paid, unpaid or partially paid work. 

Moreover, it is an agreement between the employee and the employer to work together as a team, so requesting time off must be highly sensitive.

Why leave application is very important because it helps to create transparency between the employer and the employee. The leave application does help to save time. 

That is, notifying your superior you won’t be at work for some time will enable him to manage time wisely. Then thinking you will be at work when you are not.

Reasons for writing a leave letter

The below might be the major reason for writing an application letter for leave or to request time off from work:

1. Purpose of child care: Some better reasons to request leave from work might be for child care. However, you need to request time off to nurse your child i.e if you happen to give birth to a baby.

2. Attending a Funeral: Let’s say; you accidentally lost someone close to you that you must attend his or her funeral then you have to explain to your boss before leaving the office. In this way, you will have to make it clear in your letter so that your boss will see the reasons in your letter.

3.     Leave for medical reasons: You could decide to write a leave for a medical reason. That if you work an extra shift and at the same time you are not feeling too well, then you will have to make it clear to your boss as to when you will be off and when will you return to work.

Tips for Writing Leave Letter

1.     You should be respectful and kind before your boss

2. You should always maintain a formal tone

3. Make sure that you state your reason properly

4. Ensure that you check for correction before sending

5. Make sure you use plain English Grammar

Purpose of application for work time off

Your application leave should be short and brief, don’t beat around the bush, you should go right to your point.

1. Salutation: This part is very important because you will have to address the concerned (your boss) person to whom you’re writing the leave letter. At this point, the salutation should be in a formal aspect.

2. Reason for leaving: Your reasons should be well written and short and must be backup with valid proof.

3. Contact information: this involves the provision of your address and contact details with valid ID proof.

4. Thank you note: However, you have to thank the reader for acknowledging or granting your request. This is done mostly to warm the heart of the reader, even though he or she intended to decline the application, but once he or she comes across that paragraph, he or she will have no choice but to grant your application.

5. Signature: As the case may be. The signature comes last because this is where you sign alongside providing your designation.

In the body of the letter, state the date you will be leaving and your return date. You can include a reference to what you will be doing while you are away, if you like, be sure to mention what steps you have to take to ensure what your work-related duties will be attended to in your absence.

If other workers will be taking over your duties, mention them by name and send them a copy of your leave of absence letter as well.


Dear (name of the recipient)

Re: Leave of absence from work

This letter will state that I will be away from the office on a leave starting on (here you will state the date). During this time, I will be (at this point you will state what you will be doing during your time of leave from work. Your reason should be smarting e.g you are using the time to recover from illness or something more important).

In my absence/my title/client/duties will be undertaken/assigned to (state the names of the individuals or department, if appropriate, state how your employer can phone or email). I understand that during this time, I will continue to be responsible for the employee portion of my health benefit. As discussed, I will be returning to work on (name the date you will return).

Thank you very much for your consideration.






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