We could see the study as an academic skill or strategy that approach learning. They are researching academic success in school.

Studying effectively is not a matter of chance but rather a matter of mindset. That is, the time you make for studies. These days we all feel lazy to study most especial university students.


In this article, you will learn the best method of study that works effectively. Please read on!

Some only study a week to examination while other the day to examination. And you will be expecting a high score.

The other will pray and when they fail, they blame God for not helping them. When normally you know that you didn’t plan your studies well.


There are many methods of defining study, but in this post, we will see the study as the process to analyze, comprehend and the ability to interpret an object. An object could be Book, an Event etc.

Let us see these definitions in action:

 Analyze – This means the aspect of understanding the topic or aim of what you have in mind; that is the process of breaking complex topics or matter into smaller processes. Once you have a clear understanding of a particular topic or matter, then you can reduce it into simple terms.

Comprehend – This process alone helps to understand the topic clearly and also give you a clear view to compare other items to the best of your knowledge.

Interpretation – They said, you can never explain that you don’t know. Unless you have understood it and make proper research, only then you can make proper explanations to others.


Before now, the study has come a long way. We study daily even without us knowing. Not just academic study, but everything around us. In non-academic terms, study helps us to plan ahead and make better preparation for many activities to come. 

While in academic study, it improves our mode of reasoning and advances our academic skills with an up level of excellent outcomes.


Try To Make and Keep a Study Schedules

I can tell this part hurts the most because most people find it difficult to follow rules. But come to think of it, this is the plan that actually works. It will make you spend your time and day wisely.

For instance, most students often follow their fellow coursemates or classmate to do other things without even knowing the person plan of reading. And when that person you think you do things together is having a better grade than you, then you begin to wonder how possible that is.

We often time neglect the power of scheduling your time frame. If you haven’t created your schedules, you should start now. Create your time for work, education and fun time.

Keeping a Careful Record of the School Pass Question

In Africa, most lecturers are too lazy to set new examination questions for the student. So they mostly go back to the previous Questions they set and update them to make a new printout.

You could as well study your assignment, and test questions. But believe me; they will still re-print those questions that were set for your senior years ago.

Keeping Record of Assignment

These assignments only help in terms of Continuous Assessment (CA). Most lecturers set assignment questions as CA Test and pass questions as Examination. So if you plan to study, try to find out the school system of education.

Making Good Note during Lectures

As the case may be, having a good note is very important, because there are things the lecturer may say that is very important but won’t include in his handout. So you should keep a good record.

Some lecturers who prefer talking in class rather than giving lecture handouts often make the mistake of giving out the possible questions to be asked in an examination hall.

Review Materials Frequently

Students who do not review his/her material often forget things easily. Reviewing your materials early before examination safeguards you against forgetting and will promote your learning.

You can compare yourself with someone who most time review his material once and will perform better in an examination hall. We all are different and it is important to know where you stand. It could be that you learn things slowly or you learn fast. If you happen to be a slow learner, you should read or review your materials ahead of time.

In conclusion, I know studying is boring but when you make it a habit, you will definitely get used to it.

Thanks for reading!





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