A letter of absence is a letter that offers written validation for a previous absence usually from the workplace.

However, it is very important to provide a valuable reason as to why you were not able to attend work that day.


In today’s discussion, I will be sharing with you tips for writing a letter of absence. So read on!

For instance, if by any means you had to stay home to take care of your sick child or an emergency that may involve a death threat, you would be required to write your employer a letter of absence explaining this situation and justifying your decision.

Tips for writing a letter of absence

The following are tips for writing a letter of absence:

·         First of all, you have to tell the truth – if you lie, someone will always find out

·         Make it clear that your course of action was the only possible action to take.

·         And don’t stay more than one week of absence

How to Write a Letter of Absence

Address: this involve addresses of the sender and the recipient and date

The salutation: This comprises the sender trying to gain the attention of the recipient with expressions like; Dear Sir/Ma, Mr, Madam etc.

Subscription: Your first paragraph should stay the day and date you were unable to attend work. And what could be the reason for your absence? And your second paragraph should begin with an apology and wiliness to make it up at work or work an extra shift.

Signature: The name and signature come immediately after the subscription part. It shows the name of the writer, and also serves as proof, that a particular letter is from a named individual or firm. It’s important to note that the signature is formal security for reference purposes.

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