During our early days, we all have this dream of becoming a billionaire, growing up to become somebody in life.

Thinking of building a house for our mother, buying those cars, even going the extra miles, telling them that you will buy them an aeroplane. But seriously those were the good old days if you ask me.


They said; “we are the leaders of tomorrow”, I never understood this word before, but now I do. In my own understanding, “We alone can control our tomorrow, in another word; it is our responsibility to shape our destiny”.

I can tell many Africans thought, “Leader of tomorrow” means having the power of becoming a president, governor, minister and other government position, all of these are true and at the same time, that statement doesn’t require one meaning though. If politics doesn’t suit you, then change your career. But in Nigeria, becoming somebody is hard as the case may be (it is the truth).

Different things to focus on, different engagements to attend and our whole day passes by. Most especially knowing that you are getting older day after day and there is nothing to show for or to even impress our parents. This hurts the most.

Most times, you get embarrassed knowing that your mum need stuff and you can’t help, the worst is that; “You (as a grown-up man) are at home, your mum is at home as well and you are both hungry; knowing fully well you have to provide, but don’t have the money”.

At this point, you feel like the whole world will fall on you. You get frustrated. When you try to remember the promises you made to her, you will be like “is this the kind of life we promise our parent” but at this time you think of it as a child promises #smile.

But let understand this, getting a nice decent job that pays high is not funny. The cost of living in Africa has become too expensive.

How can you save, when your salary is worth 28k per month, when you need to settle mum, yourself, brother (if you have any) #smile. Those who fall under this situation will comprehend.

Africa is the only country that can change your dream, your career and can even make you become a PASTOR if care is not taken. How can you stay focus when the country is misbehaving like Boroharam and the Military?

To stay focus, First things first you need to eliminate distractions. While you can’t do away with everything, you can make an effort to reduce or get rid of as many distractions as possible.

Secondly, getting a SMART goal will help you stay focus. Have you ever sat down and think of what you will become or where you will see yourself in the next 3-4 years? If you haven’t please do.

Because this alone will help you build your mindset of becoming that billionaire you promise mum. I know it will take years but nothing good comes easy. Reduce expenses and work hard.

Working hard doesn’t mean you will work like those wheelbarrow pushers, work with SENSE and SMARTNESS.

I hope this article does make sense! #wink   






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