Writing a business proposal is quite easy as the case may be. According to English Dictionary, a proposal is a suggested plan, often written in in formal way which is put forward for people or business owners to think about and make decision upon.



Here in this article, I will be giving you the steps to write a business proposal for any organization.


Maybe you have this big plan and don’t know where to start; please read on for a better idea.

Furthermore, proposal are document with a definite format sent to an organization for consideration in order to elicit support or generate interest for a certain business transaction to take place between the sender and the recipient or their accredited agents.

As such, enterprises may seek collaboration with another and submits a proposal for that purpose.

Steps to Write a Business Proposal

I will be listing out the steps to write a good business proposal for a business client:


The heading should be writing boldly. That is the name of the company or organization you are writing to.


Address is important as to food is important to man. Here since you are writing to another company, your letter head should carry your company address, email and phone number.


It is written in front of a code at the top of business letters and documents. The code refers to a file where all the letters and documents about the same matter are kept. (BUSINESS)

Note: All of these should be in form of a letter header (from the heading, address and reference)

Recipient Address

Below the letter head, write the address of the recipient. That since you are writing to the managing director of a company.  


This has to do with the sender trying to get attention of the recipient or reader with expression like: Dear Sir, Ma, Mr, and Madam.


State the title of the proposal you them to put into consideration for instance, A PROPOSAL FOR THE SUPPLY OF MOBILE PHONE.


At this point, the writer makes his stand known to the recipient or reader. Here you should go straight to your point, state your aim as to why you are writing a proposal. State the quality of the products you want to introduce to them.


Finally, you have to make your conclusion and drop your mobile number for them to contact you. That is, they are fully convinced about your new product.

Thank you for your time and patience!  



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