Most employers want to know the level of an employee smartness and ways of thinking before considering giving them the said job they applied for.


Some common questions usually asked by an employer to an employee may be simple and at the same time difficult to understand or comprehend. In this article, I will be giving you guys a hint on the possible top 5 (five) interview questions that are commonly asked and the right answer to those questions.

Top 5 Interview Questions and Answers That Will Guide You for an Interview

Showing your employer how smart and how well you understood his question is an upper chance of convincing him that you actually know what you are doing. Below are some possible questions and their answer:  

Question: why do you want to work with us?

Answer: This question is very simple to those who have made a research about the company before coming for an interview. You can’t just say anything that to please your interviewer because he/she knows the good and the bad side of the company. That is the more reason you should not get yourself failed. If you have made the reason well you can answer this.

The company has been known worldwide for its good reputation and honesty, and I enjoy working in such a direction.

Question: what is your strength?

Answer: At this point an interviewer might not be pleased to say you say: “I can do all things or whatever that you assign me.

An interviewer is expected to know how dedicated and honest you can be. Your answer should be:

I enjoy doing things that I am supposed to do at the right time and I am also brave and determined to stand in all difficult the situation as the case may be.

Question: why should I hire you?

Answer: This question sound confusing but the answer to this question should be brief.

I have the skills and knowledge needed for this job, then you can itemize also your qualifications if you have any job experience, finally I am a team player and I have the desire to make a good success.

Question: what kind of desire people do you like to work with?

Answer: This is a terrible and confusing question. One wrong move and you are out but you need to add smartness in it.

I like to work with people who have confidence, integrity, and dedication to their jobs and duties.

Question: what part of your profession/skills do you need to develop?

Answer: Here, this is another means of knowing your weakness. If you mention something you don’t have and the company needs it that is some skills the company desire you to have and you said something different. They will disqualify you immediately. So your answer should be:

I believe I have the qualities that will guide me for this particular job.

However, from the above statement matters, I hope and believe that this take home article will help you to answer some interview questions with smartness. Please kindly leave a comment below if you enjoy this post. Thanks!

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