Creating or writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is all about your biography, skills, experiences, education, professional qualification and many more.


Before now, employers normally employ people to work for them without the use of curriculum vitae, as things began to change, employers are now very curious as to know more about the person they are about to bring to their company. 

Having a clear curriculum vitae will reveal all your background and full name so that the employer can trust you and acknowledge your good work when employed. 

Furthermore, your major chance or fate in getting a job depends closely on your CV because it is the first impression about you and your recruiting personnel may just allow few seconds to scare through each CV and if it does not mark an immediate impression you may be disqualified. 

Before we explain further, in this article we will be showing you steps in writing a good professional CV.

You may be the best applicant, because of your intelligence, honesty, creativity etc but when the information in your curriculum vitae (CV) is not well packaged. someone who does will have a better chance than you. and that is disappointing.

How To Write a Good Curriculum Vitae  

The quality of a good cv is listed below:

1.     It has to be concise (that is short).

2.     All the information wanted must be complete without reduction.

3.     The characters used in the typing have to be consistent. i.e making your character look bold and well arrange. (Use Time New Roman for computer characters).

4.     It has to be written in a clear form and must be understood.

5.     Your words must be logical and well presented.

Things you should Note When Writing a CV

1. Do not forget your age.

2. Do not add unnecessary information like your marriage life or family.

3. Do not use photocopies of your CV to apply for jobs. Rather use the computer printouts. 

4. Do not neglect your spelling and grammatical errors. 


Finally, when presenting your CV to the organization you wish to work with, dress properly and look smart. It is written “The way you dress will determine the way you will be addressed” and endeavour to speak with confidence.

Good luck!  





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