In this article, you will find the collection of the most frequently ask questions regarding how to study abroad, where to study abroad, how to apply, getting a student visa, tuition fee, funding and entry requirement. So Keep Reading!

Why Study Abroad?

There is a reason why a study abroad program is becoming popular. Most individuals, they plan to get more experience, learn about that country culture and probably learn the country language.

Where in the World should I Study?


At this point, most international students find it confusing to choose a country of their choice. You should think about its practicality that is, the cost of studying in that country (both tuition and living cost). 

You should also think about what kind of lifestyle you will wish to have during your time the study. Do you want to live in a big city or a small university town? Whether your interest is sure to match them.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is very simple, once you have already made up your mind as to where to study, you should start to think about choosing a program and a university, and if you haven’t already you can search on Moroccan Scholarships.

This scholarship is meant for African Youth to Study at The EuroMed University of Fes which is best for your subject and also consult national ranking of universities in your chosen destination.

How Long Does Study Abroad Take?

For international students, this alone depends on how serious you take your studies. Here it will depend on the length of the program and the level of degree you are undertaking to study. An undergraduate will take three to four years of full-time study.

In many countries across the world, there is also the option of studying abroad for a short period of time.

When Can I Start Applying for Study Abroad?

There is no specific time to apply for a scholarship, you can apply right away when you have already made your papers. The best way to go is to consider your application as soon as possible. However, the sooner you gain acceptance into the university, the sooner you can arrange for travel. To avoid disappointment, note down all the relevant application deadlines.

What Are the Entry Requirements for Study Abroad Programs?

After considering the university you wish to apply for, kindly go through their requirement and then apply. Because all schools have their entry requirement.



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